On Concept Art

These are the original concepts for the characters in the introduction sequence

Image Production

I am still slightly old fashioned when it comes to the production of my images. All my work is planned in rough on paper, transferred and cleaned up on the lightboard, coloured with ink and only then put into the computer to be composed and have tone added. I still feel that a piece of paper is the best way to lay down ideas, since you can arrange all your images in front of you. I colour before the image is put into the computer because it gives the image a natural, chaotic ink texture that I love.

I’ve used this picture of the office by way of illustration, as it were.

I started with the dimensions ofthe screen as seen in the faint grey line. I then went about planing the image, trying to fit everything in whilst keeping the composition correct. I map out in blue pencil – a habit picked up from the animation part of my degree – as I can then go over the top with a darker pencil, so when traced on the lightboard only the clean markings of the dark pencil show through.

Once the clean image has been traced onto a new piece of paper, the image is inked in nothing more than a tone of grey ink. This ‘flat’ image is then scanned in on a flatbed.

Using photoshop the image is broken up into layers of varying tone. The top layer is then deleted in areas where I want to add areas of tone. The process is repeated down through the increasingly dark layers. I do this in preference to just adding black, since it retains the texture of the ink and is a very simple method of giving a painted effect.

The final stage is to add any lighting effects, which is simply a matter of painting white over the top. Once that’s done, further alterations are made to the tone to balance out anything off-set by the added light. I also add a little blur to give the image more depth.


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